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Description: Contact Celli & Schlossberg when you need divorce or family law arbitration in New Jersey.

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Call Our Matrimonial Law Lawyers! Our Pittsburgh and Beaver Valley Region Litigators assist with divorce (fault and no fault), claims for child custody (grandparent, stepparent, dad, mom, interstate, etc), child dependency hearings, PFA (protection from abuse), support (spousal support, alimony pendente lite, child support), prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and adoption. Your Beaver County divorce lawyer should work with opposing counsel to bring your divorce, claim for support, or child custody matter to an efficient and reasonable resolution. We will reasonably handle your prenuptial agreement or the dissolution of your marriage and we will get agressive with a petition for contempt when needed following an order for divorce, alimony, spousal support, annulment, or child custody than necessary. From experience, we know that emotions run high during your legal matters, so you need not extend the situation or make it more expensive than necessary. Our Western Pennsylvania matrimonial attorneys suggest that you rely on an experienced family law practitioner who has respesented a husband or a wife in prior cases and can see the issue from all sides. Your Pittsburgh divorce lawyer should look for an early resolution of all calims for support (APL and spousal), child custody and other family law and divorce matters when feasible.
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Protection from Abuse Act Claims
PFA Statute
No Fault, equitable distribution, legal separation, marital debts, pre-nups, post nups, and more.

Parent, stepparent, grandparent custody, visitation, supervised, primary custody.

Spousal support, alimony, child support, offsets, defenses, contempt.

Defense of Protection From Abuse Act claims, mixed with custody, eviction, gun issues

Child Custody
Relocation, grandparent and stepparent
Child support, spousal, alimony claims in PA
Complex and
simple, equitable
Protection From
Abuse Act claims
and defenses
Violation of
Support or
PFA orders
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