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Premarital Agreements.
Our Western Pennsylvania attorneys will meet with you and fully evaluate your short term and long term needs. We are experienced matrimonial law attorneys who can help you avoid the usual problems parties face in the absence of an agreement for for the separation of assets following a divorce or separation.

Forget Using a "Form."
There are forms available over the internet to draft a premarital agreement. But you should be leery of using a computer created form that may or may not have been reviewed by a Pennsylvania attorney. We suggest that you rely on an experienced attorney to foresee the various problems that your agreement should address.

The Law.
Pennsylvania law treats a premarital agreement like an ordinary contract, meaning, it need not necessarly be "fair" for any given party. The parites can waive the right to spousal support, APL, and alimony. However, the law in this area is constantly evolving and you should get advice from an attorney who can research the current state of the law at any given moment to maximize the changes that the courts will effectuate your intent upon separation or divorce. Simply put, you should rely on our Pittsburgh lawyers to draft your premarital agreement in a manner that will fully protect your rights.

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