Get Ready.
You need to define your goals early on: do you want to prepare for World War III? Would you rather settle all your matters quickly? Is it even possible to settle given how the opposing party has behaved? It is important early on to know answers to these questions.

What To Ask Your Attorney.
Your lawyer can tell you what issues will be important to the court and how prepared you should be to testify on certain matters. It may be possible (and perhaps adviseable) to reach an agreement quickly and painlessly so long as the parties are of the mindset for agreement. Of course, you should never assume your case will be "easy." As a general rule, it is best to hope for the best and plan for the most complex litigation possible. That way, you can show the other side you are serious and you can be pleasantly surprised if the issues in your case get worked out at the beginning.

A Divorce in Pennsylvania
Our divorce lawyers know that disolving a marriage and separating assets can be difficult for you, even when you and your spouse have come to an agreement on some or all issues before coming to see a lawyer. We will work to make the process as simple as possible. Our divorce attorneys will advise you of your family law rights and tell you exactly what to expect at each stage of the family law process in Pennsylvania.

Equitable Distribution / Divorce
In Pennsylvania, during a divorce, the divisions of assets is done through the process called "equitible distribution." The divorce courts do a fairly good job of providing a forum for you to divide and distribute marital assets. One key question that exists is: what constitutes the marital estate?

The Marital Estate
The marital estate includes all property (personal items, accounts, land, buildings, etc.) acquired during the marriage. It also includes the appreciation in value of assets owned individually before the marriage. Certain forms of property are automatically exempt from the marital estate, such as property that one spouse inherits individually. That said, individual property can be convered to marital property (or become part of the marital estate) if converted into a marital asset. Contact one of our Pittsburgh and Beaver County divorce lawyers for a straight-forward analysis of your marital estate and how the courts would likely distribute the assets through equitible distribution.

Your Options.
You may be tempted to seek a divorce as soon as possible and put off the process of equitible distribution. Some parties seek a quick divorce and plan to separate the assets "later" outside the divorce courts. However, such a strategy can leave you explosed to significantly more expensive litigation down the road. For example, the family law courts are well equipted to handle the division of assets such as a home and 401K. However, attempting to divise such assets through the civil courts (the process of an action for partition) is substantially more complicated than the divorce procedures. In most instances, it makes more sense to divide the assets prior to the entry of a final decree for divorce unless you have another person you plan to marry.

Mediation - ADR
Our Pennsylvania divorce attorneys in Pennsylvania work to negotiate the best possible resolution during the equitable distribution part of the divorce. At times, we explore mediation; however, you should always invest some thought into whether mediation is the right path. In short, our Pittsburgh attorneys constantly look for ways to simplify a divorce whether the proceedings involve a fault-based divorce and a no-fault divorce. Our lawyers evaluate whether prenuptial agreements can be upheld. We also evaluate issues of an engagement ring and whether and engagement ring must be returned if the marriage never takes place. Give us a call today for a free, five minute telephone consultation.

Divorce Lawyers
in Western
Our Family Law Attorneys take on family law cases in Pittsburgh and Aliquippa, including divorce, support, custody, adoption. Regardless of whether you are the husband or wife, contact one of our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania divorce lawyers for help concerning the distribution of assets, marriage settlement agreements, and rely on us to do the paper work to get your divorce processed efficiently. Our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania lawyers handle child support matters, including complex cases where expert evidence is needed to evaluate earning capacity. We calculate the amount of support payable pursuant to the guidelines in Pennsylvania. Our Western Pennsylvania attorneys handle child custody matters involving parents (mothers and fathers), grandparents, stepparents, and others. Our Pittsburgh PA practice also includes adoption matters and actions to terminate the rights of a parent. We also handle PFA actions, Protection from Abuse. Our Beaver Valley areas lawyers advise you when you to seek a PFA (or how to defend against one) and we will discus civil no contact orders.

Our PA Lawyers Handle a Wide Geographic Area throughout Western Pennsylvania, which includes Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA, Shadyside, East Liberty, Monroeville, Bellevue, Avalon, Fox Chapel, McKeesport, Carnegie, East Liberty, Carson Street, Dormont, the North Side, South Side, and the surrounding areas, including Beaver Valley Areas: Aliquippa, Beaver Falls area, Ambridge, Baden, Beaver, BigBeaver, Bridgewater, Conway, Darlington, East Rochester, Eastvale, Economy, Ellwood City, Fallston, Frankfort Springs, Freedom, Georgetown, Glasgow, Homewood, Hookstown, Industry, Koppel, Midland, Monaca, New Brighton, New Galilee, Ohioville, Patterson, Heights, Rochester, Shippingport, South Heights, West Mayfield, Townships, Brighton Township, Erie, Center Township, Chippewa area, Township, Darlington Township, Daugherty Township, Franklin Township, Greene Township, Hanover Township, Harmony Township, Hopewell, Independence Township, Marion Township, New Sewickley Township, North Sewickley Township, Patterson, Township, Potter Township, Pulaski Township, Raccoon Township, Rochester Township, South Beaver Township, and Vanport Township; Washington County: Allenport, Burgettstown, Canonsburg, Donora, McDonald, Donegal Township, Hanover Township, Hopewell Township, Independence Township, North Strabane Township, Nottingham Township.
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