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A Time To Fight.
Do not let the opposing party define who you are in the eyes of the judge. You only get one chance to make a first impression with the judge or hearing officer. In many counties, the same judge will follow your case for years into the future and, thus, you need to establish your credibility early on.

A Time To Agree.
If you are like most parents, you see your role as a parent as the most important job in the world. At our law firm, we know the challenges you face upon raising (or defending against) a claim for custody. Our lawyers have handled custody claims throughout Western Pennsylania and we will work hard to make sure you understand the process and that your rights are fully protected through a fight (if needed) or by working for the best possible resolution of the case through agreement.

The Claims We Handle.
We handle claims by parents, naturally. In particular, our firm handles claims for total custody, partial custody and/or visitation only filed in Pennsylvania and also interstate claims. We file emergency petitions to get an order to give you some protection. Absent an order, the other parent may take the child virtually anywhere in the world with or without your permission. You may will be powerless to stop it. We will also initiate proceedings for the return of your child to his or her home jurisdiction if the other parent has take the child or is threating to remove the child from the home state.

We also attend custody conferences and proceedings before hearing officers and judges and/or custody trials in Allegheny and the Beaver Valley area. Our experienced lawyers can also handle your appeals to a judicial determination of custody. We negotiate with other lawyer involved in the case (if there is one) to resolve the matter most efficiently. Our attorneys always try to negotiate with the other lawyer or lawyers involved in the case. Call us to speak with experienced family law attorneys on this matter.

We also handle claims for custody by grandparents. We can explain to you the basis for standing for a grandparent or other family member and we will represent you at custody conferences, hearings, and trials. As always, our attorneys, such as T. W. Elliott will negotiate with the litigant or lawyer on the other side of the case to bring about the most reasonable resolution for you and your family concerning a custody claim by a parent, grandparent, or stepparent. We handle these issues throughout Allegheny County (including Pittsburgh), Beaver valley area, and Washington Counties. Call us today and speak with experienced family law attorneys on this matter!

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No Fault, equitable distribution, legal separation, marital debts, pre-nups, post nups, and more.

Parent, stepparent, grandparent custody, visitation, supervised, primary custody.

Spousal support, alimony, child support, offsets, defenses, contempt.

Defense of Protection From Abuse Act claims, mixed with custody, eviction, gun issues

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